Parent Testimonials

“If you have not been to one of Ruth’s seminars, I STRONGLY suggest it. She is fabulous. I do not think I have come across anyone who did not walk away from her workshop enlightened and feeling better about parenting. I personally have attended about 4 or 5 of her seminars.”

Sara M. Kleinman
Parent and Parent Support Worker, East Granby, CT


My daughter is learning Tae Kwon Do, and is now nearly a brown belt. She agreed to practice her forms every day (an agreement between her and her instructor), and I agreed to help her practice.

Recently, I remembered to try something you suggested: with each practice session, I wait until she is doing a particular skill really well, then I jump on it. For example, she needs to make a fist with her thumb tucked in to avoid breaking her thumb. So I watch: the second that thumb gets tucked, I say “Good thumbs!”

The difference is truly remarkable, Ruth. Instead of nagging, “Keep those thumbs tucked in” which had resulted in a frustrated daughter, her enthusiasm skyrockets after “Good thumbs” and then everything improves! (And it’s handy for almost any area: from thumb-tucking to homework to household chores. Hooray!!!)

Bottom line: specific praise works, even if you have to wait to give it. Many thanks for this golden nugget of parenting wisdom.

Lisa Sargent, Stafford, CT
Attending Ruth’s parenting class was an eye opening experience.


We all want our children to listen to us and do what we say. But now I know that they are being exactly who they are supposed to be and I needed to look at what I was doing as a parent. Once I tried what I learned from the class, my life got easier. I am now able to relax and be the fun mom I wanted to be. The girls and I are happier. The things I ask my children to do that turned into arguments before, they now do without being asked.

The classes are informative and interactive. Ruth answers the questions you are facing as a parent and helps you look at it differently while teaching you a new way to approach the issues. You also have the opportunity to sit with other parents who are experiencing the same or similar situations which makes it comfortable to share.

Theresa Lambert
Scotland CT Mom and Head Start Family Advocate


Thanks for taking the time to teach these parenting classes; they provided useful information presented in a well run class and are very much appreciated.

Brian, Coventry


“The best thing I learned in Ruth’s class was how to figure out if a problem was mine or my child’s. Every little issue used to be my problem and I was trying to solve my kids’ problems. I learned that sometimes problems belong to kids and ways to help them learn to be problem solvers themselves. I also liked knowing that there were other parents out there with similar issues and that we weren’t alone. And finally, my wife and I used to laugh and call it date night – we got to spend time together and the program provided the babysitting. Worked for us!”

Dan Guinan, Colchester, CT


I like that the Positive Parenting workshops provide a chance to learn, practice, discuss and share ways to encourage positive behavior in our children.”

Anne Dilko
Woodstock, CT MOMS Club

Wow – Ruth needs to go national. Where is the Oprah show when you need it!
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