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Ruth Freeman, LCSW, is a Parenting Educator in CTOver the past twenty-six years Ruth Ettenberg Freeman, LCSW  has taught Positive Parenting skills to hundreds of Connecticut parents from all walks of life. With honesty, humor, and compassion, Ruth shares her insightful knowledge of parenting as well as her real-life blunders, challenges, and successes as a parent, stepparent, foster parent, and grandparent. Ruth’s Positive Parenting mission is to eliminate aggression visited upon children in their homes.

Ruth is a licensed clinical social worker who teaches for schools, agencies, faith communities and corporations across Connecticut. Ruth brings to parenting education a clinical, trauma informed approach that reduces barriers many parents face when applying best practices. She has synthesized key concepts from a wide range of sources and trains parenting educators, as well as parents, in evidence based strategies.

parent child holding handsRuth’s Connecticut Parenting Education Experience

  • With a team from the University of Connecticut, Ruth co-authored a comprehensive parent trainers’ curriculum called “Building Family Futures”
  • Co-founder of the Connecticut Parenting Education Network
  • Child Development Educator at Eastern CT State University and the University of Connecticut in Storrs.
  • Served as Family Services Coordinator for EASTCONN Head Start
  • Served as Program Director for The Cove Center for Grieving Children

Reasons why Positive Parenting can help you and your family

  1. Ruth’s highly interactive parenting classes are based on current research and integrate varied curricula and resources.
  2. Individual parent consultation and coaching sessions decrease parent-child conflict and increase child cooperation
  3. In an atmosphere of safety and support, parents and other caregivers evaluate their current parenting approaches and learn new, more effective skills.
  4. More than 90% of all class participants complete Ruth’s Positive Parenting classes and most report that their family relations improve considerably.
    • Parents consistently comment on that the class helped them feel better about parenting and how much they enjoy the experience of connecting with other parents. One Chaplin resident declared at the end of a seven week course, “I wish this class could go on forever.”

Results from a Positive Parenting Class:

  • 74% focus more on children’s positive behavior
  • 74% respond to misbehavior more logically
  • 69% experience more family harmony
  • 67% yell and fight with their children less often and feel more confident about their parenting
  • 61% find parenting less stressful

“If you have not been to one of Ruth’s seminars, I STRONGLY suggest it. She is fabulous. I don’t know anyone who did not walk away from her workshop enlightened and feeling better about parenting.”

Sara M. Kleinman, Parent and Parent Liaison, East Granby, CT


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